About us

About us

Jukka Tulensytyttäjä


LIEBE has made itself known as a company that specializes in quality 5 panel caps. LIEBE liked especially by the young urban adults, musicians and skaters makes five panel hats and camper caps to die for. All caps are made from cotton canvas, suede or polyester. Althought LIEBE is known for it's camper hats and 5 panel caps, LIEBE also makes beanies. You know, because it's important to look good in the winter time as well. That's why there are LIEBE beanies. All beanies are made from 100% soft-feel acrylic.



LIEBE Clothing was founded 2016 in Tampere, Finland by Jukka Tulensytyttäjä, a musician, writer, event organizer, ex-DIY-record label owner. Jukka had just began his work in a company that offers eCommerce solutions, when he decided to create a test shop as a tool to help his work. From his love for camper hats / 5 panel caps the test shop concept quickly evolved in to LIEBE Clothing, a company specialized in hats and street fashion. LIEBE is german for love.


LIEBE's products have improved the quality of my life significantly. People come to me and ask about the origin of my flower cap all the time. The bravest ones have even dared to ask me how I've become so handsome. It is a mighty feeling to stroll through cities wearing the coolest 5 panel cap in fennoscandinavia. If you are interested in updating the restorative frequency of your life - get yourself a LIEBE.
Aki from Helsinki